Avalon Fat Burner Plus - 60's x 2

Avalon Fat Burner Plus - 60's x 2

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  • Safe & effective weight loss with NO Rebound!

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What's In The Box:

  • 1 x Avalon Fat Burner Plus - 60's x 2


  • Increases metabolism
  • Burns excess body fats
  • Prevents fat absorption
  • Prevents carbohydrates from turning into fats
  • Support liver, kidney & joint health
  • Help maintain healthy cholesterol & blood sugar level
  • Green Tea Extract, Black Pepper Extract (Piperine), Curcumin, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Water Soluble Dietary Fibre, Vitamin B1, B2 & B6, Vegetable capsules
  • Vegetarian-Friendly
  • Halal-Certified

AVALON Fat Burner Plus, an improved formula with 5X stronger fat burning effect, awarded with Watsons 2013 Bestselling Fat Burner Award!

100% Natural Ingredients! NO Caffeine, Dehydration, Diarrhea, Anorexia & Heart Palpitation! Suitable for Fat-rich Diet!


AVALON™ Fat Burner Plus is an improved formula of AVALON™ Fat Burner. It is an all-natural healthy slimming formula which contains Aloe Barbadensis extract, Green Tea extract, Curcumin extract, Piperine extract, Probiotics complex, Vitamins and water soluble dietary fibre that helps to increase one’s metabolic rate. AVALON™ Fat Burner Plus does not contain any diuretic, laxative, appetite suppressant, ephedrine and caffeine, and thus will not induce dehydration, diarrhoea, anorexia and heart palpitation.

The highly potent and safe ingredients of AVALON™ Fat Burner Plus produces a powerful synergistic effect to make the product stronger and more effective than the regular fat burner formula with no adverse effects. AVALON™ Fat Burner Plus only burns fats and does not cause loss of body fluid. Thus after weight loss is achieved, skin complexion remains toned and no weight bounce will be experienced.

Awards Presented throughout the Years…

  •  Unity Popular Choice Award - Best Brand (2011 - 2013)*
  •  Watsons Health Wellness & Beauty Award (2011 – 2012)*

 *Awards received based on our previous Fat Burning formula - AVALON Fat Burner 


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