Jade Lemon Pectin Extract Enzyme 750ml

Jade Lemon Pectin Extract Enzyme 750ml

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  • Totally Naturally Non-chemical Compunds. Our products is made with fresh lemons, since we don't use any chemical compounds, the dissociation of our products are normal. Color and taste of our Lemon en...

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What's In The Box:

  • 1 x Jade Lemon Pectin Extract Enzyme 750ml


  • 100% Healthy/Sugar free  
  • Use whole lemons including skin and seeds with patent fermentation technology
  • High Standard quality control
  • Pesticide residue tested
  • No medicine added
  • No preservatives and plasticizers
  • Organic transition period certified
  • It is water-free, sugar-free and non-acetic acid


  • Taiwanese Green Lemons Net content: 750ml Features: Rich in lemons Pectin and Polyphenol. / GABA / total polyphenol / SOD like


  • Daily Intake: 30ml after breakfast and dinner Strength Intake: 30ml after breakfast, lunch and dinner. May dilute with warm water below 40C or with honey or juice for sweeter taste
  • People with weak stomach, drink warm water before consuming Lemon Enzyme If your stomach is not feeling well,consume this product after drinking warm water or eating a meal
  • Notice This product is made with fresh lemons, color and taste may vary due to seasons changes at the time of harvest, however product quality will not affected
  • Suitable for pregnant women and vegans

About the Brand

  • We use only Native Grown Taiwanese Lemons that have been tested by an impartial third party. All out Lemons have passed the standard of National Pesticide Residue. We are serious about our product quality, starting from choosing the Freshest Lemons and throughout the fermentation process at our factory. This insures that every single detail conforms to the highest quality controls, resulting in the finest JADE Lemon Enzyme available anywhere. Only the very best goes into every one of our products, providing you with a beautiful, healthy body. Co-operate with the College of Agriculture NPUST - Our aim is to develop products that are best for keeping our inner body healthy. We take our product quality very seriously, therefore we co-operate with the college of Agriculture NPUST, which has the best agriculture technology. 

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